Friday, January 21, 2011

ALET: IRS Commissioner warns that taxes are getting harder to prepare correctly as the IRS has discovered many errors.

ALERT:  The IRS Commissioner warns that taxes are getting harder to prepare correctly as they have discovered many errors.  26% of all taxes done by preparers have serious errors.  Ceasar B. Malqui, tax expert and professional, asks you to be careful.  

“Tax returns well prepared with guarantees are the foundation for your financial well-being” states Ceasar B. Malqui, tax professional and law school graduate.  Taxes are serious.  If a preparer makes an error, exaggerates a deduction, or commits any mistake, the taxpayer is the only one responsible.      
The IRS Commissioner explains that a taxpayer is exposed to penalties, interest and fines, even criminal charges and possible prison time.  This tax season is the first time that the IRS is requiring any type of registration or license to prepare taxes.  But Malqui makes sure you understand that this new requirement does not protect the taxpayer because “anyone can pay the $65 registration fee and can prepare taxes; they don’t have to get any training or pass any exam and there is not even a criminal background check.”
Many people think that preparing taxes is just filling out paperwork but they are wrong.  Taxes are like Your fingerprints and identity.  I think it may be irresponsible and not advisable just choosing anyone, declares Malqui.  The real tax professional knows that it does not depend on how “good” he is or “how good” he prepares a tax return.  That does not matter to the IRS.  They can examine or “send you a letter” asking for documents as it is a random process and it can happen to anybody.  The key and most important factors are having written guarantees.  Malqui states, “my clients don’t need to talk to the IRS as I represent and speak for them in case anything happens.  I am an expert in winning big matters, which is the key because now more than ever…the IRS is sending more letters and examinations.”   
Why are you going to choose a tax preparer who can’t represent you with the IRS and does not give you guarantees…when we all know you can have tax problems for 5 years; even if you have not had any error and everything is fine.  The situation can be so bad…that many times even if you have all the proofs of your deductions, dependents and credits…it does not mean the IRS will accept them.  “I have learned that you must beat the IRS when needed, because once they examine you…they don’t want to lose.  My clients do not pay me anything extra because my representation is included”, Malqui affirms. 
Malqui continues, “I and my expert team, who have been with me for many years, prepare all the taxes.  There is no “rookie” or “new” preparer.  There is no one who just passed a tax course.”  He tells us that he used to have tax classes.  However, he stopped them because he realized that you can’t teach experience.      
We asked him about his company’s history.  He tells us proudly…so much that you can see it from far away…”my father, Julio Malqui, who came up from poor beginnings…immigrated to this country 40 years ago.  He is a warrior, an entrepreneur and my role model.  He started Malqui Tax 35 years ago given his best to his clients.  I do not forget from where I come from…that’s why I fight for and protect my clients so they pay the least in taxes and receive the maximum refund. 
The decision you make as to who prepares Your taxes…speaks a lot about who you are and what you expect in life…because if you accept that filing Your taxes is the most important financial transaction and “you want to sleep good at night” knowing that “if you get called in”; you have Your friend and advisor… ready to fight…with success having won big matters with the IRS, then why choose anyone else. 
Ceasar continues, “In Malqui Tax, you will find honest, humble, down to earth people.  All we want is to give you the maximum value for your money.  We take your confidence seriously and guarantee every action we take. 
He invites you to call or stop in to visit for a free professional consultation without any obligation.  If you decide to prepare your taxes or not, you will have access to more information, better explanations and you will understand how we prepare your taxes better than anywhere else.  You will feel confident and with family.  He concludes, “I hope and expect to provide my professional services to you and I wish that this year be the best in your life.  God bless. 
You can call them at 1-888-82937-54 or visit them in PATERSON: 291 Park Avenue, in NEWARK: 96 Bloomfield Avenue, or UNION CITY: 2508 Bergenline Avenue.  It will be a pleasure to see you, greet you and advise you on your taxes.  We guarantee you pay the minimum taxes and get the maximum refund.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Plus your tax return is backed by our triple and lifetime guarantee.  We have great prizes, scratch cards and special promotions, gifts and raffles…plus we will give you $35 for each referral. 

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